The Benefits of Placing Belmont Stakes Bets Online

The oldest and longest Triple Crown event at is Belmont Stakes, the final leg of the US thoroughbred championship and is one of the most profitable races for bettors. Not everyone can make the trip to Elmont, New York each June to enjoy the competition in person, but almost anyone can place Belmont Stakes bets online and still get in on the action. Betting on horses online is convenient and offers a variety of options. This event is a particular favorite because of the excitement it generates and its high payout potential.

Only 11 horses have earned the coveted Triple Crown title since the competition began in the late 1800s. The last winner, Affirmed, took the Crown in 1978. Since then, 12 contestants have come to Belmont Park with hopes of becoming the next champion, but all have fallen short at the finish line. Known as the Test of the Champion, the Belmont is a 1.5 mile run that requires a great deal of stamina. More than 40% of the time, the bettors' favorite comes out on top, but there have been quite a few surprises throughout the event's history. These upsets have pushed the event's average payoffs to $37.53, which are some of the highest in the horse racing industry. It is more than the average Kentucky Derby win and nearly four times the usual return on Preakness Stakes wagers.

In 2001, Point Given was poised to come in first after earning the blanket of yellow flowers at the Preakness. His expected win at Belmont yielded a return of just $4.70. Afleet Alex did the same thing 4 years later and fans received a payoff of only $4.30. When War Emblem tried for the Triple Crown title in 2002, however, the outcome was much different. The bettors' favorite fell behind, finishing in 8th place, while unlikely candidate, Sarava, crossed the finish line first and set the record for the highest payoff of $142.50.Two years later, a similar upset occurred yielding a $74 return when Birdstone narrowly beat out Smarty Jones who had already placed first at Preakness and the Derby. Unexpected finishes like these are the main reason so many people like to make money on bets online.