Discover The History Of Racing Post And Why It's Different

Founded in 1986 by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, The Racing Post is a sports betting newspaper that focuses on horse and greyhound racing. Printed in tabloid form, it has editions from Monday through Sunday. Its reading base requires over 60,000 copies are produced each run. The following post on our site is a history of the paper.

Al Maktoum is the prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, as well as the constitutional monarch of Dubai. His investment in horse breeding and racing is well solidified. Since the mid 90's when Sunday competitions began, the newspaper started being printed every day of the year, except for December 25th. The Mirror group, who owned Sporting Life, purchased the Post and the two news agencies merged in 1998.

In 2007, an Irish investment group called Festina Lente paid Mirror Group for the Racing Post rights to publish and are still the owners of the publication today. The paper now focuses solely on horses at the very beginning and end of the publication. Everything that can be wanted is included: reports, headlines, up to date news, and developments can all be found in this one resource. Specializing in horse cards as well as having a specific greyhound section, all of the major headlines are covered.

Betting odds are included and small reviews of all other major sports, such as golf, darts, football and rugby are available. Ever since 2006, a special addendum has been included in the Saturday publications, and it is called "RPSport". This piece covers the angles of betting on the individual activities, and includes tools and tricks depending on the topic. In addition, there is an annual magazine called Bloodstock Review that comes out every December; it gives an authoritative guide to the yearly happenings and includes a forecast of the future in the given sport.

This small history of The Racing Post shows that this niche publication offers a wealth of information to those who are interested in horse race betting for pleasure or for the purposes of betting and earning money. The Post offers all up to date information in a timely manner, allowing readers immediate access to information that can help them form efficient and accurate betting strategies.