Make Money on Horse Racing

Going to the racetrack can be a pain. But there's a way now for you to bet on the ponies without getting up from the comforts of your couch. This is where FirtsbythePost can help. Just like sports betting, you are actually wagering on actual horses on a real race. That means there are so many factors that you need to look out for if you are really serious about coming up on top.

You do need to learn the terminologies of horse betting first, and so due diligence is important. Don't worry, because there's nothing that cannot be understood. It's just the same as when you were a beginner at playing online slots, and you were always looking to discover more, so you can improve your casino skills. With hard work only, you will start making money out of horse racing.

Questions to answer:

What are the odds offered? (You need to look for 2:1 odds)

Are the odds overpriced or underpriced (odds value)?

Does the website offer single, multiple or a combination of bet? (Straight bet, future or doubles are quite simple to learn)

Going to the racetrack:

Just to give you an idea of what to expect when you go to the racetrack, it's really quite straightforward. You just choose your horse, place your bet, receive the ticket and if you win you will bring that ticket back to the same window to collect your winnings.

Betting online

There are literally hundreds of gambling sites in the US alone that accept online wager. However, you need to know that the Internet is also teeming with unscrupulous websites that are created for the main purpose of cheating you out of your hard-earned money. So, be informed.

That's why you need to vet the bookie before placing your bets.

Here are the questions you need to ask before making an online account:

- Is the bookie certified by any gambling group?

- How quickly does the website give the winnings?

- Is the technical support open 24/7?

- Do they give immediate feedback? Are they easily accessible?

- How do they settle a dispute?

Tips and Strategies:

1. Look for value odds -- This is defined as the difference between the chance of the horse winning as expressed by the bets and the real chance of the horse winning. You want the numbers to be over the odds.

2. Study the odds - Bookies always place the odds on each of the participating horse. You can bet on the favorites but that means less take-home winnings because they are odds-on favorite.

3. Study the horses and their weight classes - Ponies that just moved up historically are not likely to win their first few races. Nevertheless, there are horses that seem to ignore the handicap and still manage to race to victory despite the weight class and the obvious handicap.

4. Learn the tracks - If the tracks are muddy, look to bet on ponies that are known for having fast starts. This is called track bias. The best horses remain the favorite regardless of the track, and they do have the capacity to win. For others, the layout does matter in performance. Some tracks are designed for speed, others not so much.

5. Compare the odds - Horses that are not getting enough bets but has a good chance of winning make for a good bet because of the handicap. Don't go playing about this, however, if you are still a beginner.

6. Observe the progress - There are instances when the horse is a heavy favorite at the start of the race, but his stock quickly drops during the race. Quickly put your money on the horse.

7. Experience counts a lot - When the track is over a mile, this is where the jockey experience will come in. With all things equal, the man riding the horse can steer the pony to victory. The same goes for hurdle racing where the experience of the jockey could spell a win.

8. When did the horse run last? - This is a good insight to learn before the race. The ponies that have been sidelined for a long time could have been coming off an injury. If not, they are also going to fight off rust.

9. Learn the trainer - The trainer is just as important as the jockey. So make sure to get some information on the horses' trainers prior to the race.

10. Keep a journal of your wagers - It's hard to keep track of the horses you bet on over the years without keeping a log. This will also allow you to study patterns and best practices, as well as help you remember your largest winnings.

11. Study the cycles and patterns - The horses, jockeys and their trainers have high-low patterns that they can't avoid. Find that pattern and avoid losses.

12. Manage your bets - Don't be an impulsive gambler. You need to place limits on the amount of your bet. That's why you always set aside a specific amount for this called the bankroll. This is separate from the budget for the house mortgage, grocery or kids' education. If the bankroll is used up, don't go dipping into the kids' tuition.

13. Five-point rule - This refers to the horses that are within five points of the top favorite in the power rating. You can make money on horse racing if your pony squeaks out a win.

14. Study the Supers - Superfectas are a great way to win money because of the large payoff. However, most players are intimidated by them. Learn the system and you may end up being a big winner.

15. Don't over bet - Seasoned players will tell you to always spread out your risks. The rule of thumb being espoused is to wager only about five percent of your total bankroll on a single horse.

16. Consider the overlay - A horse is considered an overlay if it's not picked by bookies but remains a true contender in the race. This is a good opportunity to make use of your exotic wags. This takes experience, however, so don't go looking for a handicap if it's your first time.

Lastly, join community gambling sites so you can learn individual strategies particularly from those who managed to make a career on horse betting. You can also ask members for websites or bookies to avoid so you won't lose your money to scammers.

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It's important that you read up on all tools for horse racing. Get as much reading materials as you can, especially the pedigree of the horses, the background of the jockeys or the layout of the tracks. Each horse has its own Achilles heel, no matter how good that horse is. Learn which racetrack they are the weakest.

There are two types of players on horse betting: First is somebody who wager on impulse or intuition. His reasoning is not supported by any fact or information, but rather by preference. The second type is somebody who soaks up all the information related on horse betting and online sportsbooks. His bets are backed by situational awareness, which means they are more likely to yield good results.

Keep these in mind when you're wanting to learn the best way to bet on your favorite horse and to be successful at the same time.