Learn about Popular Breeders' Cup Bets Online

The Breeders' Cup is actually a 2 day event that is made up of 14 different championship races, and is easily one of the most lucrative events for gamblers and horse racing aficionados alike at firstbythepost.com. Overall, competitors have a chance to win over $25 million in prizes, and horseplayers will wager well over $150 million during the course of the event. The most popular of all of the Breeders' Cup bets online is known as the Ultra Pick 6. There are two of these held, one for each day of the event. The Friday card offers gamblers a chance to win $1 million, and the Saturday card gives the chance to win a whopping $2 million dollars. All visitors have to do is correctly predict the outcome of 6 of the 7 races run that day.

Just about every event produces some form of payout for those placing Breeders' Cup bets online. Those betting on the Trifecta can usually expect the highest payouts, usually over $1,000. Payouts for wagers on the Turf Sprint are usually well over $3,000. Even the most basic wagers can net payouts of over $20, and average pay outs for exactas usually comes in well over $200. It is quite obvious that learning how to bet on the Breeders' Cup online events can be a potentially profitable exercise. Of course, wagers on the Win, Place or Show spots alone can produce some significant payouts if the wagers are placed on underdogs who happen to win the events. Of course, bettors will need to do some research in order to get this 'lucky'.

The horse that wins the $5 million Classic is usually among the top candidates for Horse of the Year. In the event's history, there has only been one female horse to win the Classic, a filly named Zenyatta. That same filly also won the Ladies' Classic in 2008, and nearly won a second Classic title in 2010. The prizes offered to the winners vary by the race, with the Classic coming in on top with a $5 million purse, and the Breeders' Cup Marathon coming in last with a $500,000 top prize. Prizes for the other races range between $1 and $3 million. While some may see betting on a horse race as silly at best and an exercise in futility at worst, people have been making a career out of it since its inception, and will continue to do so as long as there are races.