Different Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing has become one of the oldest game still available in the gaming industry nowadays. Despite of its traditional and simple gameplay, it has been regarded as the most popular game variant since then. Aside from its huge following from viewers across different regions, it has also opened its tracks for players who want to earn by wagering in some of their hosted race events - which are available in several online and offline platforms.

Live Racetrack Gaming versus Online Horse Games

The usual wagering process involves players actually dropping by American horse race tracks and other racecourses around the world to participate in their stake gaming. Players need to secure their tickets in respective booths and windows found outside these tracks to place their wagers. They need to indicate which horse are they wagering on and the total stake amount they are playing with. They also need to include the wagering type they wish to play with their stake. They can now watch their chosen race, wait for the live results, and redeem their payouts if they win the stake.

On the other hand, the number of online and web-dependent players who are also interested to place their wagers in these racing games is constantly increasing. Thus, this leads to the development of online platforms supporting horse racing wagering events.

Online players don't need to step out of their homes just to place their race wagers. There are now gaming sites which are hosting several wagering platforms and options, as well as betting strategy tips for their horse race players. Some bookies are also offering exclusive guides on how to bet on horses online for their convenience. But above all these features, the increasing number of different online betting sites the USA and other regions have to offer is a statement of the online success of this game variant.

Best Horse Race Wagering Sites

As mentioned, there are numerous gaming sites which support wagering sessions of horse races hosted worldwide. These include some of the best American horse racing sites and renowned online platforms from the United Kingdom and Australia. Aside from the various horse race events, these online sites also provide its players with free racing bets and exclusive promotions for added payout rewards. Here are some of the best horse race wagering sites available online.

Paddy Power

This prominent horse race wagering platform is popular among its Irish online players who are looking for great horse race betting odds. Paddy Power currently supports wagering options like a win, forecast, each way, reverse forecast, and tricast for its players. The site also boasts its best price offerings and the rewarding starting value.

Paddy Power also offers exclusive money back programs and bonus wagers in a special SP favourite hosted in the site. It also provides live news and coverage of some of the known horse racing events worldwide.

William Hill

Aside from wagering in different horse races, William Hill also offers its site visitors with plenty of horse racing information in its exclusive section for this game variant. This section provides essential details like active horses, jockeys, and trainers, as well as upcoming race schedules and events. They also live stream huge horse racing events through its TV partner, the Betting TV.

888 Sport

888 Sport is considered the largest and most popular online gaming site today which also host horse race wagering for its players. It also offers exclusive racing news and updates, as well as wagering tips and strategies for its novice players. 888 Sport also hosts its own gaming community and forum for its players called the RaceCaller Community.


Meanwhile, London-based Ladbrokes online site is also a prominent horse race wagering platform for online gamers. There are also exclusive site add-ons such as bonuses, promotions, and incentives similar with other online sites. Ladbrokes also stream live horse games from the Irish and UK regions.

There are also other online gaming sites which host exclusive horse race wagering games. These include American horse racing sites like BetVictor, Titanbet, Betfred, Unibet, 10Bet, and 32Red.