Ways to Place Horse Racing Bets for Any Budget

If you ever go down to the track or to your favorite sportsbook website to place horse racing bets, whether casually or on a regular basis, you can really improve your winnings by understanding how the whole process works. With the wide variety of options for betting available nowadays, from a low risk Show to a potentially life-changing Pick 6, players need to be well versed in all these options and which ones are most compatible with their bankrolls. Here are some quick tips from firstbythepost.com that will help you learn how to place bets on horses properly.

Win, Place and Show are the traditional wagers placed at the racetrack. A Win is a wager on a single entrant, and if that entrant wins, the bet cashes in. for a Place, the selected entrant must come first or second. For a Show, which is the lowest-risk option in the game, the entrant should come first, second or third. These are the most common ways to place horse racing bets. Another fairly simple activity known as Futures becomes available in February and March. The players try to select the winner of the Kentucky Derby, three months in advance to try to rake in a big reward. These risks are a bit simpler to start out with and can be easier on a small bankroll.

Other more complicated ways to place wagers include an Exacta, where you must select the top two winners in the correct order, and a Quinella, which is similar to the Exacta except the two entrants may finish in any order. A Trifecta selects the top three horses in order, which is a lot harder to hit than an Exacta but can really bring in a huge payout. Consecutive race options include a Daily Double, where the top finishers are selected for two consecutive races, Pick 3, for three consecutive winners, Pick 4, and so on. These various options are really tough to hit and can cost a lot up front, but if you can manage it and choose wisely, they can pay off extremely well.