Placing Kentucky Derby Bets Online

There are many different Kentucky Derby bets online because this is one of the most well-known horse racing events in the world. Even people who don't follow the races have heard of the Derby. Its inaugural running in 1875 drew 10,000 fans and it has only gotten bigger as the years pass. Once a year, on the first Saturday of May, the most talented three year old colts head to Churchhill Downs to run 1ΒΌ miles. Due to its popularity, knowing how to bet on the Kentucky Derby online can prove to be extremely lucrative. Our site has a number of wagers that a player can place, each of which guarantees a different pay out in the event of a win.

The most common of the Kentucy Derby bets online is the Win bet, also referred to as On the Nose. Gamblers place the entire wager on one steed to win. Exacta or Perfecta wagers are placed on the first two finishers in the race. The horses must finish in the order that the gambler predicts in order to net any payouts. Trifecta wagers are placed on the first three finishers, and Superfecta wagers are placed on the first four. With each of these wagers, the gambler must predict the exact order in which the horses will finish. The odds for each of these best and a host of others will always be displayed wherever you place a bet on horse races.

It is always a good idea for a gambler to study the horses in the race before placing a wager. The colt may be the lost heir of Secretariat, but if its quarter mile speed isn't up to snuff, the user may wish to reconsider the wager. Most sports betting websites will have basic information about each contender but if large amounts of money are on the line, a quick Google search about the horse in question is worth the time spent. If anything, it prevents the gambler from becoming a bridge jumper, which is a term for people who place large amounts of money on a single horse. It refers to the fact that they may find themselves jumping off a bridge if the horse loses.