Betting on Sports Online

Does It Really Pay To Bet Online?

Gambling is already a thorny issue, especially since you're putting at stake your hard-earned money. And now you have to do it online? FirtsbythePost is here to help our visitors make sense of it all.

However, it's really not as complicated as you think it is.

Before anything else, let's address the elephant in the room: yes, there are scammers out there. To deny that fact would be lying to you. This is only a caveat so you understand the rules before you move forward.

There are three nagging questions that hound novices at the online betting game: one pertains to how long the learning curve would be, second is if they get the money once they win, and third is if the practice is legal or not.

Is it legal?

That's a complicated question to answer directly. At the very least, if you are only betting then the law is not after you. Some of these websites have addresses offshore, so even if the state cracks down on illegal gambling, technically you are not doing anything wrong. It's also important that you read up on your local gambling regulations so you can be informed of your limits.

To be safe, don't bet if you're a minor since the gambling site will forfeit your winnings anyway if your secret is discovered.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like everything else, you need to practice to make money on horse betting and other sports. And you need a lot of patience, too, because frustration may creep in as some people have observed.

Whether horse racing, poker, bingo, sports or casinos, they all operate under the same rulebook more or less. The only difference is the terminologies used. For instance, in casino betting, they use words like bankroll, angle, bad beat, etc. In sports, you will stumble upon the words accountant (which refers to the bookie), backdoor cover, beard or buy price.

Meanwhile, in racehorse betting, you will come across terms like across the board, ante post, blow back, bridge jumper or close.

How Do I Place a Bet?

There are many ways to place a bet. The important thing is to link up your debit or credit account with the online gambling site. If you are hesitant about your account being phished and lose your money, some websites do offer bank transfers or PayPal.

Please remember that there's a minimum amount that you need to deposit before you can start to play. But don't worry, you won't break bank to do it. In fact, you can already pay for as low as $10 deposit.

Tips for Beginners

1.) Don't settle for just one website, spread your wager to two or three

2.) There are hundreds of online forums dedicated to online betting, create an account and ask for advice or talk strategies

3.) Licensed online casinos are the way to go to protect your bankroll

4.) Just like in real life, set limits for yourself. If it's not your lucky night, don't push it and chase your losses

5.) Take advantage of the free apps and free online betting games so you can practice your strategy and become more confident of your skills. Learn this here now.

6.) Play onsite, instead of downloading an app to play. First, it will protect your mobile from viruses and also from slowing down because of the heavy files

7.) Read the fine print. You might be biting more than you could chew

8.) Study, not just browse, the rules of the game before committing to play

9.) Betting systems and odds are nice, but they should not be your main basis for betting

10.) Pay attention to bonus offers since they are time bound. You might be missing an opportunity there Explore your options, and take advantage of the finest Canadian bonus offers.

11.) If you intend to play for the longer term, sign up for their VIP programs for the perks

12.) Do a background check of the website first. Some of them are notorious for carrying phishing software that can target your vital financial info

13.) Quit once you're ahead. Count your winnings, pray to your lucky Gods and walk away. You can do that again next time

14.) Don't believe hook, line and sinker the positive reviews on a particular betting site. They typically hire reviewers to bump the rankings of their sites. Better ask for real reviews in community forums

15.) Return rate percentage. Remember that term, and try to find which of the online casino sites has the highest rate of returned winnings

16.) Pay close attention to the traffic of the betting website, chances are there are ongoing tournaments or games that you can immediately join. This is especially true with poker games

17.) Keep your bets simple, particularly if you are just starting to learn the rules of the game

18.) In sports, don't just look at the odds difference but also whether or not your team has a good chance of winning

19.) Track your performance through a list of your betting patterns, the teams that yield you the highest rate, etc.

20.) Once you get the hang of things, you can move on to watching live betting in sports or horse racing for instance, which will lead you to other opportunities to do side-betting while the winner is yet to be determined

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