Live Nassau Horse Racing Online Wagering

At First By the Post, Nassau horse racing online offers a great place to place bets at one of the country's premier race tracks. History shows us the first formal event in American took place in Hempstead, Long Island in New York all the way back in 1665. Now, over 335 years later, horse race betting is still extremely popular. It is also extremely important economically to the people who live in the county. As such, off-track betting establishments were set up in 1975 as a way to generate profits for local governments. There are six different OTBs in the state of New York, each of which are separately governed.

Nassau Downs was opened to the public in January of 1975 and is located in Hempstead. Since its opening, the profits and business have grown at a steady pace, creating tremendous benefits for the taxpayers of Nassau as well as fans of horse racing. The profits that are generated from Nassau Downs all go to the general fund for the county. Since it was started, the OTB has generated over $241 million in profits and more than $144 million in surcharges for the county of Nassau.

Throughout the years, the establishment has expanded its simulcast offerings for Nassau horse racing online. The track now offers people the chance to place wagers at tracks throughout North America. Legislation was passed in 2003 that allows them to offer thoroughbred racing at night for the first time. The branch operations have also been expanded to offer numerous wagering options. In 2004, history was made when Nassau horse racing online was made available at Race Palace. This is one of the most upscale and state of the art racing theaters in all of North America. The site offers a 120 foot high wall, bars, dining areas, and a luxurious VIP room as well as a cashier. There are personal and self-service wagering stations available. Currently, this is the preferred destination of both new and seasoned horse racing enthusiasts alike. If you are in the area and want to bet and make money on some great races, this is the place to do it.