Different Horse Racing Apps Online

The prominence of horse racing events in the industry has led to the development of various themed race applications for their followers. These horse race applications assist horse race enthusiasts, as well as active gamesters of the industry. Some of the best horse racing app provides its users with exclusive horse tips, different horse racing predictions, daily horse racing results, and tools for betting on horses. There are also news and updates on the latest horse racing trends in different regions hosting this traditional sporting event. Here are some of the best horse racing app USA and other regions worldwide have to offer to their gaming community:

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is regarded as one of the most prominent online bookie hosting horse racing wagers for its players. It current caters horse racing events from Ireland, United Kingdom, France, North and South America, New Zealand, and South Africa. There are also other special race events like Cheltenham Festival and the Grand National hosted here.

Aside from horse races, it also hosts some of the known online game selections available in different online gaming platforms. They are also known for offering exciting games in their exclusive mobile gaming platform.

888 Sport

Meanwhile, 888 Sport also offers a variety of horse race games for their online and mobile app users. They currently host some of the most known racing events in France, United Kingdom, Ireland, and South Africa. Site players can also participate in major horse event meetings wherein they can also place stakes in tournaments like the Grand National, Royal Ascot, and the Cheltenham Festival. All these horse racing events offer remarkable amounts of payouts to its app users.

They also offer exclusive rewards and bonuses for their users who are frequent visitors and players of their site. There are also special promotions and incentives given to those who place their real money wagers in select games offered by 888 Sport.

Coral Sports

Coral Sports, commonly known as Coral, is a known leader and provider of exciting online games in the industry. Make money on horse race betting events from different regions like Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as special racing events played internationally.

Coral app users can also enjoy the wide array of online and mobile games offered in its different gaming platforms. Currently, it caters to multi-gaming platforms like Coral Sports, Coral Vegas Casino, Coral Live Casino, Coral Poker, and Coral Casino. Players can also enjoy exclusive rewards and bonuses from these various gaming platforms.


On the other hand, Betway is another renowned gaming platform horse racing enthusiasts can consider where to place their wagers on the said game. It also provides horse racing results today the USA and other regional tournaments has to offer. These include horse race events from Australia, France, USA, and South Africa. There are also special racing events like the Royal Ascot, the Grand National, and the ever favourite Cheltenham Festival hosted in this platform.

Betway users can also watch their favourite horse racing events through the app's live streaming feature. Other sports variants are also catered here which are also available for their players' wagers.


Another sports provider and wagering app making its name in the industry is Betfair. Similar with any other horse race wagering platform, its users can also expect various racing events from Australia, France, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, United Kingdom, Chile, India, South Africa, and Singapore hosted here. Betfair users can readily place their online stakes here for these virtual racing events. Players can also enjoy exclusive perks and bonuses from Betfair.

Other best horse racing app USA players can also access SportsBetting and Bovada Sportsbooks for their online horse racing wagers.